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Building cable installation

Arrange too dense, 

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The standard flexible flat cable ul saa

The nonmetal material of the sample used to volume was only about a third of the class C is 0.5 L/m.Time to 20 min and requireme read more...

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Advantages of superconducting cable compared with conventional cable

1, large capacity.The same cross section of a Flexible Cable current transmission capacity of 3 to 5 times that of conventional cable. 
2, low loss

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Coaxial Cable is refers to the two concentric conductor

Coaxial Cable is refers to the two concentric conductor, the conductor and shield and share the same axis of Cable.It is widely used in computer network and a read more...

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LiYY (TP) Twisted Paired flex data and Control Cable

If you want to truly understand the installation temperature and material laying low temperature brittle temperature relations, is a larger research project, from materials, read more...

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Flexible screened numbered cores data Transmission Cable

Electrical wire and cable distributors have the tools to prepare wire for the buyer’s convenience. Whatever the service, the value-added distributor offe read more...

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Light Duty PVC Insulated PVC Sheathed Flexible installation Cable

Small gauge wire may be spooled on a 10-inch plastic spool that has a center core length of 5 to 6 inches and holds up to 10,000 ft.  Certain factors determine the spool size you will need; one important factor is how the wire will be used in read more...